Ackcent is a private company made up of an experienced group of professionals that offers decades of business and engineering experience in cybersecurity.

In Ackcent we believe that values such as passion for what we do, curiosity, preparation, commitment and teamwork are the basis to build a successful company.

That is why we have decided to transform our passion in cybersecurity into a way of creating a successful mission-focused company. Our aim is to effectively protect the digital assets of our customers.


Aligning security
and business strategy

To digitally secure a business, technology alone is not enough. Strong digital security business management plays an equally important role. Ackcent offers personalized senior-management advice that provides the background, rationale and business practical advice to minimize the impact of cyber incidents.

Assessing and
managing vulnerabilities

In order to protect a digital business, knowing its vulnerabilities is a must. Ackcent Red Team’s services are ethical hacking audits and pentest focused on gathering valuable security information from any computing and organizational environment and turning it into actionable insight.

Managing cloud
security services

With the growth of cloud services, security is more important than ever. Ackcent offers mission-critical services to detect, respond and manage cyber-attacks. Ackcent cloud security services address and monitor 24/7 security challenges that might take place both in public and private cloud environments.

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Independence: We are an independent knowledge-sharing service company founded to help organizations be prepared for cybersecurity challenges.

Experience: We provide decades of both technical and senior-management personalized advice in cybersecurity.

Up-to-date competencies and capabilities: Cybersecurity is a growing and fast-changing challenge. Our team provides refreshed competencies and capabilities as new technologies and knowledge becomes available.

International Coverage: We cover your international cybersecurity needs through our international offices and professional network.

Innovation: We focus on the improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of existing controls to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity events.

with us

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about our services or want to know more about how we can successfully manage your cybersecurity needs.

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